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Kids Yoga Program

Spring 2023

Yoga offers kids an incredible opportunity to learn about their bodies and improve overall well being. See them smile, move and connect in our 2023 Online Kids Yoga Program.

10-Week Online Series

To support the growth and learning of each child, please note there are no drop-ins into the series.


  • 10-Week Series: $200 Each Child

Kids Yoga Program Faculty

Kevin Allen

Kevin makes yoga fun and challenging. He’s great at engaging kids and getting them excited to learn.

In addition to being a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Kevin is also trained in acting, improv comedy, sketch comedy and theatrical clown.

During the Institute’s Kids Yoga & Creativity camps, Kevin’s improv games sparked imaginations and helped kids from all over the world connect with one another.

Kevin has also worked as a coach for Mindful Sports in Brooklyn, where kids learn how mindfulness can benefit them on and off the field.

Kevin has been part of the Institute’s kids program since 2018.

Michelle LaRue

Michelle’s years of experience of teaching yoga to kids, comes out in her grounded but energetic approach to teaching.

She has observed the kids classes in Pune over the years, which has informed her approach to teaching. She has run the kids program in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, and is widely respected for her work with kids. She is also a teacher in our online Yoga and Creativity Camps.

She has a background in dance, which can be seen in her creative approach, making each class interesting and fun.

She resides in NJ with husband Matt, daughter Elena and her two cats Charlie and Pippin, who often make appearances in class.

Dmitri Shapira

Dmitri joined the kids program during the summer of 2020. Beginning with bringing his extensive knowledge of music into the summer Yoga and Creativity camp.

Along with his yoga training, Dmitri holds a BA from Berklee College of Music and an MA from the New England Conservatory of Music.

Recognizing the joy of teaching kids, he joined teaching in the weekly kids classes.

His years of dedicated study, observing the kids program in Pune over years of visits, comes across in his teaching. He has a way of pulling in the kids attention, engaging their interests, while keeping it fun and creative.

He resides in Manhattan with his daughter Amalia and their cat, Ferdinand. You can see him Amalia and cat practicing together in a video his daughter produced for the Yogathon 2021.

Liza Toft

Along with teaching yoga, Liza is a licensed creative arts therapist, who has worked over the years with both children and adults.

She has really enjoyed being part of the kids yoga program at the Iyengar Institute of New York, teaching yoga as well as helping to develop the kids yoga and creativity camp with her colleagues.

During this difficult period, it has given her such joy to watch the kids in her classes show up each week with bounds of curiosity and enthusiasm. Watching the students eager to take on the challenge of practicing yoga, she saw how the students’ focus increased, connecting their minds to their bodies.

She enjoyed connecting with the kids after class. During this time, she loved seeing them smile and get excited to show her a different challenging pose they had learned in another class, or just simply getting to meet all the various wonderful animals they wanted to share with the class. It made her recognize even more the importance of connection during an otherwise challenging time.

During the spring she had the opportunity to take Abhijata Iyengar’s special series on teaching kids, which gave her a deeper understanding of how to teach to various ages, for their developing bodies and minds.

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