Class Levels & Descriptions


Class levels are designed to educate, enable and inspire life-long learning and offer a clear progression from the beginning syllabi of Level 1 to the more advanced material of Level 4, based on the art, science and philosophy of B.K.S Iyengar. 

General/All Levels Note: In March 2020, we shifted online and offered primarily “General/All Levels” classes. This nomenclature was given to offer students a wide variety of choices for taking classes at a time when we significantly reduced our class schedule. While this offered convenience, we realize the importance of the Levels and the significant impact clearly defined Levels can have on students’ progress. See descriptions below for clarification.

Hybrid Classes: This class will be a mixture of online students and in-person students and teacher from our new studio in the West Village.

In-Person Only Classes: These classes will be taught by the teacher directly to the students in the room from our new studio in the West Village.

Beginners/Level 1: This class is accessible for students new to Iyengar Yoga, continuing beginners and students who want to focus on the foundation of the practice. Focus on fundamental postures and actions within standing poses, seated poses, twists, and forward bending. Inversions such as Halasana (plow pose) and Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) are introduced and refined.

General/Level 2: Once the basic foundation is learned, Level 1 standing poses are deeply familiar and Sarvangasana can be held for at least 5 minutes, students move onto Level 2. This includes, refines and expands upon what was taught in Level 1. Sirsasana (headstand), Full Arm Balance, and Backbends are all introduced. Deeper twistings and forward extensions and variations in the familiar Shoulderstand are explored. 

Intermediate/Level 3: Once self-practice has begun and Sirsasana can be held for some time, and students can go up into Full Arm Balance and push up into Urdhva Dhanurasana independently, they are ready to explore Level 3. Seasoned Iyengar Yoga students will experience the challenge that comes with learning the intermediate asanas across all categories, including variations in the Inversions. 

Advanced/Level 4: This Level is for students who have gained proficiency in Level 3, with a regular and established self-practice, and can hold Sirsasana and Sarvangasana steadily for ten minutes. 

General – Online Only: This class is offered online only and includes a mixture of the Level I and 2 syllabi. General classes are appropriate for a range of students and provide a challenge for those with experience and include modifications as needed while taking class at home. Inversions, such as Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand) and Sirsasana (head balance), and Full Arm Balance, as well as seated, twisting, forward bending and backbending postures are included.


Breast Health: Specifically tailored to the physical, psychological and emotional needs of breast cancer survivors, including those undergoing treatment.

Community Class: This no charge class makes Iyengar Yoga available  

Gentle: This moderately paced, less rigorous class is appropriate for new and continuing students of all ages.

HIV: Postures appropriate for people living with HIV/AIDS.

People of Color Class: A general all levels class for people of color. This class provides a space for students who identify as POC to connect and practice together. All are welcome.

Pranayama/Restorative: Explore the practice of breath awareness and modification along with refreshing restorative asanas.

Specific Needs: Safe and effective yoga programs for students who have injuries, chronic conditions or other individual needs. Space is limited. By application only.

Restorative: Rejuvenating and supported postures that soothe the nervous system and alleviate tension.

Sutra Study: This informal study group meets to explore the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali.

Wake Up Yoga: Start your day right with these 7am General Classes.

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