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Liza Toft


Liza has been studying yoga since 1991, and teaching yoga since 1999. She was first introduced to yoga when she was a student at The School of Visual Arts in NYC, where she was studying fine arts. She explored many styles of yoga before committing to the studying of Iyengar Yoga in 2003. The intelligence of that system of learning asana, the fact that its philosophy is not separated from the physical practice, and the way that it serves as a foundation that deepens with practice, has always been a source of mystery and wonder to her.

Liza is also a licensed Creative Arts Therapist, graduating from Pratt University with a Masters Degree in 2000. Other major appeals of Iyengar Yoga are the psychological and emotional benefits she gets from the practice and the science and creativity of sequencing asanas, observing how it affects the deeper layers of our being. As an art therapist who focuses on the body in therapy, Liza has a unique insight and sensitivity into what her students’ bodies are communicating about themselves and what would be beneficial.

Liza deepened her commitment to Iyengar Yoga by completing the teacher training at the New York institute with James Murphy, Lara Warren, Tori Napier (her mentor) and Naghmeh Ahi, whom she has been assisting for the last few years. She recently received her introductory level
1/2 certification and is excited to be traveling to Pune, India for Iyengar’s 2018 Centennial Celebration.

Liza continues to paint and draw (her two favorite mediums of art) and has been a long-time practitioner of mindfulness meditation, which has had a deep impact on her life and work.

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