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Our expanded Daily Class Schedule features several class options including: Online, In-Person, and Hybrid: Online & In-Person Classes; so you can participate in whichever manner is best for you. All of our classes are taught live with our faculty giving focused instructions in real time. We also offer workshops and special series.

Please know that the use of masks in the classrooms is optional. Vaccination requirements will stay in place. Read more about our Community Care & COVID-19 Guidelines.

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Taming The Change With Yoga by Bobby Clennell


The word ‘menopause’ continues to provoke anxiety and confusion. Many women are even reluctant to say the word. Some simply shrug off this universal phase in a woman’s life. They say it’s a normal part of the life cycle, and women should sail right through it.

Downplaying the impact of this change in our bodies only serves to leave us stranded in lonely ignorance, when in fact, the changes brought about by menopause can be positive. Women can experience new energy and focus when their childbearing years are over – really!

Constructive coping with menopause includes acknowledging the physical changes and psychological challenges that occur at midlife. The solutions lie in acceptance, not in denial or attempts to “turn back the clock.” Menopause is a beginning, not an ending. It’s a process, not a discrete event. It’s the beginning of a new expression of the feminine force. To better understand menopause as a whole, let’s define the three phases.


Bobby Clennell

Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher and faculties Member of Iyengar Yoga Association of Greater New York

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