We are located at 227 West 13th Street, 2nd Floor. Our Daily Class Schedule features several class options including: Online, In-Person, and Hybrid: Online & In-Person Classes; so you can participate in whichever manner is best for you. We also offer Workshops and Special Series.

Please know that the use of masks in the classrooms is optional. Vaccination requirements will stay in place.

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Kevin Allen


Kevin Allen has studied Iyengar Yoga since 2006. He first started practicing on his own as a New Year’s resolution, but after a few months, decided to seek formal instruction. That instruction came from fellow institute faculties member Jeff Logan and Association Executive Director Emeritus Ann McDermott-Kave.

Like many new students, Kevin began practicing yoga not really believing in or understanding the lessons that a dedicated student can use on and off the mat. Continued practice not only made him a believer, but made Kevin want to help others discover what they could learn from yoga.

Every year, Kevin attends a teacher training workshop in Pennsylvania taught by Dean & Rebecca Lerner. In the summer, Kevin volunteers as a yoga teacher at summer camp on Long Island. In 2009, he attended the inaugural Northeastern regional Iyengar yoga conference in Providence, RI.

As a teacher, Kevin helps students gain insight into poses with crisp demonstrations, clear instructions, and straightforward corrections.

Kevin also works as a television news producer. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Government from Dartmouth College.

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